Are you a fan of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings movies? Perhaps you’ve let your imagination run wild in J.R.R. Tolkein’s world while reading the books? While browsing on the internet and social media feeds, you may have come across a photo of somebody’s representation of a Hobbit-themed dwelling of some sort. Whether it be in New Zealand where the movies are filmed, or Montana, the sheer opportunity of spending a night like a Hobbit in Hobbiton is definitely something to behold. With that in mind, our latest adventure sent us to the far away Shire of San Diego near the Village of Ramona. Alright, truth be told it is a short distance away from our home, and doesn’t involve a flight halfway across the globe! Having only passed through Ramona a few times on our way back from Anza-Borrego, we hadn’t really given much thought to looking for a vacation rental out in the area. That is until we came across a Hobbit House listing on Airbnb.

After spending the previous night camping at San Elijo State Beach, we made our way out to the property, which takes you into the beautiful rural scenery of Northern San Diego County. Lauren, the Airbnb host, was out running an errand at the time of our arrival, so we were shown around by the owner, Roy. Roy was so funny and down to earth while showing us around, cracking jokes and making us feel welcome. As he guided us down the pathway, we had reached the Hobbit House, and it also seemed to catch him by surprise, as the plants hanging from the roof make the house blend into the hillside from some angles. Roy exclaimed, “Whoa, this thing is getting kind of stealth!” He gave us a quick rundown of the interior of the house, and instructions for the outdoor bathroom (yes!) and then told us to have a great time.

Shortly after, we found ourselves sitting on top of the house, which has been transformed into a garden where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset! The roof is just a portion of what encompasses the outdoor area. There is a patio-like area with a firepit/grill in case you feel like hanging outside and cooking over the open flame. There is also an outdoor sink, which is near the outdoor bathroom and shower. If you are weirded out by the bathroom setup, the scenery is nice so you should get over it quickly, and yourself hopefully. As the sun went down, our focus shifted to the inside of the home. Some serious thought was put into the amount of wood and stonework displayed on the interior. This place was equal parts castle-like with the stone walls, and fairy tale cabin with the intricate wood-beamed ceiling, stained glass windows, and a beautiful stone sink, which is also hooked up to the city water system. While there is no electricity in the home, you are provided with multiple large candles, kerosene lamps, small electric lanterns, and an awesome wood burning stove, all of which combine to create an incredible glow of light bouncing off of the stone and wood interior. We spent much of the evening sitting in the rocking chairs enjoying the warmth of the fire while talking and enjoying a few adult beverages. When you are ready to call it a night, the murphy bed is sure to provide a good night of sleep.

In the morning, we made breakfast on the camping stove and enjoyed a bottle of champagne out on the patio before taking a quick walk on one of the trails that the owner has created as a way for visitors to access the greenspace on his property. While checking in the previous day, he encouraged us to walk around and check out the property, including his beautiful West garden with some amazing Aloe plants. Overall, our time at the Hobbit House was phenomenal. As you are provided with all of the essentials but food and drink, spending time in and around the Hobbit House itself is certainly the main draw of the experience. However, if you get a bit of cabin fever somehow, there are a few wineries in the area, and it isn’t far from many of the attractions in Northern San Diego County.