Costa Rica

  Costa Rica had been on our radar for the past few years. Every once and a while we would check on flight prices and brainstorm a rough outline of what exactly we wanted to do if we had the opportunity to go. To be honest, there were many ... read more

Redwoods Road Trip

At the close of 2017, we spent the better part of the week among the giants, so to speak. Having spent a previous holiday break to visit the California Redwoods, you have to go in with the mindset that you will probably get rained on (though we didn’t this time!), ... read more

Hobbit House

Are you a fan of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings movies? Perhaps you’ve let your imagination run wild in J.R.R. Tolkein’s world while reading the books? While browsing on the internet and social media feeds, you may have come across a photo of somebody’s representation of a Hobbit-themed ... read more

Camp Ribbonwood Safari Tent

In honor of Valentines Day we thought we would share one of our favorite getaways so far. We got to enjoy this unique glamping experience in Warner Springs, California, about 2 years ago over Valentines Day weekend. Not long after our stay, Glamping Hub reached out to us for a interview about our experience. Click here to read ... read more

Beach camping

As a Californian, people not from California automatically assume you are a “beach bum”. Yet, people don’t understand that unless you live right at the beach, there are two elements that stand between you and some good ol’ fun in the sun: traffic and parking. By the time you load ... read more

The Sioux experience

If you’ve ever spent time out in the desert then you know what a magical place it can be. we have spent some time exploring and camping out in the California desert it’s a special place for us there is nothing like those desert sunsets and starry night sky’s no ... read more

The Intrepidwild

Temecula Valley wine country is not exactly a well-kept secret here in Southern California. Most Southern Californians know the joys of having the rolling hills of Temecula within their reach for an easy weekend getaway filled with wine, wine, food, and more wine! For the casual weekend warrior, there are ... read more