If you’ve ever spent time out in the desert then you know what a magical place it can be.

we have spent some time exploring and camping out in the California desert it’s a special place for us there is nothing like those desert sunsets and starry night sky’s no one around for miles. This last February we headed out to pioneer town and then about 20 minutes outside of town down a long dirt road. It happened to be the weekend of what people where calling “the storm of the century” but we didn’t care its all part of the adventure we arrived at our desert teepee nestled against hundreds of big boulders. We where quickly greeted by a couple of friendly dogs they seemed eager to show us around the grounds. A few minutes later the manager Nick pulled up and jumped out of his truck with a big smile on his face. immediately he said this is like no Air BNB you’ve ever experienced we could already tell what a special place this was. Nick showed us around the grounds the outdoor shower and toilet under a small tarp against boulders behind the teepee he walked us over to the natural rock pool with a beautiful mosaic tree and fire burning sauna. He Told us alittle about the owner who they call the chief. He said he loves to meet the visitors or allows you to have your space. Theres a small community gathering kitchen area. And plenty of beautify unique art work on the grounds. Inside the teepee is a queen bed with plenty of blankets. He had just ran out before we got there and put a gas fire pit in for us because the gas fireplace had just broken down. We told him to keep that firepit in there we loved it! we weathered the storm all night but we where over the moon inside the teepee having a great time. We felt safe and cozy insents lit fire pit keeping us plenty warm.  perfect night away to connect and reflect. looking forward to experiencing this desert escape again someday.